Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Well its almost here! You can get a night here for only $10.00! For 2 nights you get a discount $2.00 off. And your pet can get a full treatment here for $8.10. A full grooming treatment with Ocean  and Flower Fruit scented soap. There is also Ocean and Flower Fruit perfume for your pampered pooch. Brushing your pet is not easy so we do it for you for only $5.00! $4.00 if you have a discount! A full exercise treatment with a jump, hoop, and lots of space to run around! A full diet treatment that teaches your dog to not prey on other small mammals!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Welcome to Pets and Paws Dog Hotel

We have VERY comfy rooms and beds for dogs to sleep in, A HUGE playground with hoops and tunnels, kitchen with Beneful & Puppy Chow. Delicious and nutritious food is also served. We encourage dogs to be a little bit of vegetarian so they dont prey on mice, rabbits, birds, and bugs in your backyard. We give dogs meaty dinners as well. 

Grooming and bathing is also what we give to our furry friends. At night we brush dogs teeth so no cavities grow. An on-call vet is available 24/7. We also have a relax room where dogs can take a snooze or hang out with other dogs.

Dogs are also trained to not do bad habits. Diets, agility course training, tricks, grooming and hygiene (BATHS) are also available.

We hope your dog of any breed, size and habit has a good time here.


-Gabby White
Owner & Manager  - Pets & Paws Dog Hotel